Meditation Coaching & Mentoring

Michael is available whether you're interested in meditation as medication or meditation for liberation. 

Having practiced meditation for over 45 years and taught for over 15 years, the meditative arts are my passion and area of expertise. I specialize in the techniques of integrating meditation & awakening in daily life. Right now, in this moment, is the perfect time to wake up, to Be Here Now, once you understand how. I especially enjoy mentoring new comers to the path  who can benefit from my experience and many years of practice and are looking to begin meditation or expand it's breadth. For advanced practitioners, I have studied the pinnacle non dual teachings as well and can provide experienced guidance.

Always interested in consciousness, the late 60's were a fertile period for interior exploration. Like many of my era I was drawn to take a journey on the Hippie Trail to India.   

My path has been varied and eclectic. As a youth, I remember wondering what happened to the magic recounted in the bible. Starting with an interest in science fiction, psychic phenomena and the occult and culminating in exploring the meditative arts and the mystical quest. This led to travels to Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Kashmir, Nepal  in the early 1970's on the Hippie Trail that started in Amsterdam and ended in Kathmandu. I did find some of the biblical style magic but of course the ultimate lesson was that the opportunities to become awake and aware are present wherever  you happen to be and whatever you're doing. 

I began meditation and yoga on this trip. I have studied in both the Buddhist and Hindu traditions. In a way, you could say exploring the paths of the heart and mind. 

I live in the NYC area. Personal meetings are possible however most mentoring occurs using Skype and email. My fees are on a sliding scale basis. Please fill out the contact form below and I'll be in touch!


If you're interested in Meditation Coaching or Mentoring, please contact me here for more information.