SEEKERS & SMUGGLERS: Tales of the Hippie Trail to India Podcast

Soon to be released: So amazing it's hard to believe it's really true!
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A couple on a lark to spend three months traveling the Hippie Trail / Hashish Trail overland to India in 1970 end up being sought at home by the FBI and decide to try disappear into  India, Afghanistan, Kashmir and Nepal. Forced to delve in the contraband trade to survive,  they meet an unbelievably colorful cast of characters: Hippies, Spiritual Seekers, Smugglers, Gurus, Charlatans & Desperadoes.

This journey took place in a Golden Age of Innocence. You could drive all the way from Amsterdam to Kathmandu without war or hostile governments to stop you. It was 20 years before the rise of militant Islam. The American passport was golden. The US dollar was king. Deadly sexually transmitted diseases were non- existent. There were no computers at the borders. You could live for a year in Asia for a few thousand dollars. Hardly anyone knew where Afghanistan was located. It was the perfect multicultural mix where you could find yourself or lose yourself.

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