Conscious Living : Conscious Working Program 
with Michael Daner & Gorge Pitagorsky

Conscious Living is treating every moment of every day as a meditation; it is cultivating wisdom through mindfulness. Mindfulness gives rise to awareness and awareness allows our innate wisdom to flower. Wisdom brings forth compassion. This retreat is an extensive exploration of meditation in daily life. Participants learn and practice several specific meditation techniques intertwined with the key Buddhist teachings that give both a practical and philosophical foundation for the techniques.  Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their experience, ask questions, and address issues regarding the integration of meditation and Buddhist thought into daily work, family, and social life.

This is a five month program that George and Michael have taught together for 14 years.


Wake Up Weekend

This is a one or two day program in integrating mindfulness in both formal sitting and daily life practice. Perfect for your yoga center or small group of like minded folks. The content is usually crafted specifically for the group.


Lifestyle Renovation Program

A unique holistic program for those who want to learn to meditate or intensify their meditation practice as well as begin practicing yoga and natural foods cooking.  These are conducted as weekends at our house outside Manhattan.

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