My path has been varied and eclectic. As a youth I remember wondering what happened to the magic recounted in the bible. I started with an interest in science fiction, psychic phenomena and the occult which culminated in exploring the meditative arts and the mystical quest. This included travels to Afghanistan, India, Kashmir and Nepal in the early 1970's on the Hippie Trail that started in Amsterdam and ended in Kathmandu. I did find some of the biblical style magic but of course the ultimate lesson was that the opportunities to become awake and aware are present wherever you happen to be and within whatever it is you're doing.

In Goa India in 1970, inspired by the profoundly peaceful and beautiful setting, I began practicing yoga and meditation. I explored  Bhakti Yoga (path of the heart) as a devotee of Neem Karoli Baba. I also studied a pinnacle path of Tibetan Buddhism known as Dzogchen (Great Perfection) with Namkhai Norbu. Finally, I taught Mindfulness in NYC for 14 years at NY Insight. 


  • Born in philadelphia 1946 . BS from penn state 1968

  • Practicing various forms of meditation for 45 years, teaching for 15 years

  • Practitioner of dzogchen, advaita, vipassana and bhakti yoga

  • Co-creator  of the conscious living / conscious working program

  • Creator of seekers & smugglers treatment & upcoming podcast

  • Co-creator of unique lifestyle reno project-change your life through diet, meditation & yoga / a holistic approach